Our toddler curriculum emphasizes active exploration of the environment to strengthen the physical, social/emotional, cognitive and creative growth of each child. Teachers use strategies and techniques to plan and implement curriculum. We believe that music and arts provide children with a unique language through which they can both construct and express their imagination and knowledge.

    In verbal language development children use a variety of tools and materials such as books, journals, puppets, flannel boards and computers to learn and develop the ability to articulate sounds and words, form sentences, identify and form letters, and tell stories.

    In the area of visual arts language development, children are provided with crayons, markers, pencils, paint brushes, scissors, clay, fabric, yarn and other tools and materials to learn and develop their fine motor skills, to color, draw lines, identify shapes and textures, balance, repetition, and contrast.

    Our children are encouraged to participate in the music and movement program to develop their gross motor skills. The activities, including early ballet exercises, which will help cultivate an appreciation for music, develop listening skills, improve coordination of rhythm and provide for self-expression.

    Each room is supplied with equipment that is designed to stimulate and support children's learning. Materials meet all safety standards. They are chosen carefully to be aesthetically pleasing and meet children's individual, developmental, cultural and educational needs.

    Two formal assessments a year on your child's progress will be sent home and parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled once a year or at request. We welcome parents' involvement and suggestions to improve our program and to achieve our goal of excellence in early childhood education.