Busy Bees Kindergarten Program
Busy Bees Learning Center offers one integrated Kindergarten Program for full-day and before/after Kindergarteners. The aim of our kindergarten program is to provide our children with activities and materials that foster achieving the outcomes of learning that are appropriate for this age. We will provide hands on activities, which offer variety while promoting fundamental skills. The composition of the kindergarten program will reflect the overall philosophy of Busy Bees Child Care and Learning Center.

Language Arts:
  • Letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds
  • Speaking/Listening individually or in a group
  • Word study
  • Introduction to reading using pre-reading strategies ( activate prior knowledge, set purpose for reading, predict outcomes)
  • Apply active reading strategies (self-monitor to maintain meaning, analyze text, think during reading process to build and enhance comprehension)
  • Combine appropriate strategies to identify unknown words (picture clues, word configuration, phonetic/structural clues, context clues)
  • Writing (develop early emergent writing skills, become aware of relationship between the spoken and written words, become aware of letter/sound relationships within the words, recognize the formation of letters, numbers and words)
  • Writing creatively using the above skills to form sentences and simple stories using teacher prompts and free writing opportunities
  • Use written/pictorial communication on a developmentally appropriate level
  • Develop an appreciation of literature
  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Responding to literature

  • Introduction of numbers and writing them in proper form
  • Identification of numbers in a random and ordinal order.
  • Measurement
  • Different denominations of coins and their values
  • Time
  • Patterns, functions and sequences
  • Geometry and spatial sense
  • Exploring data and representing that data in graphs
  • Operations (addition and subtraction)

Social Studies/Science:
  • Special ME, family and community
  • Five Senses
  • Food pyramid and balanced diet
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Change in Seasons
  • All about mail and the mailing process
  • Life: life cycle (plant growth and development and life cycle of a butterfly)
  • Multiculturalism:
    • Experience a broad range of literature representing various cultures
    • Participate in discussions and activities that celebrate similarities and differences
    • Acknowledge a diversity of ideas generated by authors of different races, beliefs, gender, and age

Music and Movement, Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Computer and Technologies, Field Trips and much more.