Busy Bees Learning Center curriculum builds on Piaget's theories of development in young children. Piaget believed that all children learn through active exploration of their environment, beginning in infancy. By grasping, rolling, pounding, smelling, suckling and crawling around over everything they come in contact with, infants discover that objects have weight, volume, color and texture.

In the infants' room, feedings, diaper changing, naps, dressing and learning activities are provided on an individual basis. Daily outdoor play is scheduled if weather permits. We emphasize active exploration of the environment to strengthen the physical, social/emotional, cognitive and creative growth of each child.

Physical Development - Growth is rapid in the first two years of life. The child's size, shape, senses, and organs change. Some changes are rapid; others are more gradual. Much of the first year of life is spent helping our infants with motor skill coordination. Through the repetition of motor actions, infants gain physical strength and motor coordination.

Cognitive Development - As infants grow, they begin to learn how to make things happen for themselves. We believe in early exposure to all variety of cognitive areas such as reading, arts, music and singing; through seeing, hearing, tasting, and smelling. We introduce classical music throughout the entire learning center. Music acts as a catalyst to a child's brain development. In the classrooms children explore interests interacting with materials, adults and each other.

Social-Emotional Development - Infants communicate their needs through movements, facial expressions and sounds. Socially, young children tend to focus on a few adults who are close to them. It is very important to have qualified and caring teachers to care for our young children to foster a positive temperament.

We welcome parents' involvement and suggestions. Together, we can achieve our goal of excellence in early childhood education.